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technical capability

technology research and development capability

as a global professional provider of automotive component solutions, dicastal has established research and development branches in north america, europe, japan, as well as in regions with concentrated customers such as changchun and shanghai in china, providing on-site design services and engineering support, achieving a global layout of research and development institutions. the plm system has been utilized to achieve full lifecycle management of products, providing strong support for cross regional and cross time domain collaborative design.

we focus on providing lightweight solutions for human travel, providing customers with more environmentally friendly, safer, and lighter products. our various products are applied in the fields of automobiles, rail transit, f1 racing, and artificial satellites. by supporting numerous customers from europe, north america, japan, and independent brands, citic dicastal has a deep understanding of the design requirements, technical standards, and development process systems of different customers worldwide. it can provide customers with fast "integrated solutions" and offer customers multiple creative solution choices from the conceptual stage.

dicastal has a diverse range of mainstream forming and connecting technologies for aluminum parts to meet the lightweight requirements of different customers and product categories. including aluminum alloy casting (including low-pressure casting, counter pressure casting, high-pressure casting, high vacuum casting, casting flow forming), forging and extrusion technology,and aluminum alloy welding, bonding, riveting, screwing, and assembly connection technology for supporting components. among them, the wheel products can provide more than 100 surface states to meet the personalized needs of global customers.

dicastal adheres to the "customer-centric" research and development philosophy, and with strong research and development capabilities, citic dicastal has become a global supporting supplier for over a hundred automobile factories and component enterprises.

the company has established a system and mechanism to promote technological innovation, and has closely cooperated with many universities and research institutions in north america, europe, japan, and china to promote technological progress. in recent years, it has developed various new technologies such as casting water cooling technology, various color matching processes, color clear paint technology, finishing surface treatment, pvd surface treatment, 3d metal powder, as well as new products such as aluminum alloy subframes, battery boxes, and collision beams. dicastal has hosted or participated in the development of multiple national or industry standards, with over 4000 patents.

testing capacity

dicastal is an international automotive chassis parts test center, obtained the iso/iec 17025 laboratory certification of china national accreditation service for conformity assessment (cnas) in 2008, and its testing capabilities are widely recognized by domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers.

the detectable products include chassis components such as wheels, steering knuckles, control arms, brackets, and subframes. dicastal has more than 110 sets of main testing instruments and equipment, including dual axis testing machines, bending testing machines, impact testing machines, hydraulic testing systems, salt spray testing boxes, filiform testing boxes, universal material testing machines, industrial ct, and cmms. it has the ability to test more than 100 items, including material properties, component properties, coating properties, and size measurements. in the meantime, citic dicastal test center is the first lab launched radial impact test, biaxial fatigue testing and filiform test on wheel program in china.

dicastal has independently developed wheel radial impact testing machines, wheel road simulation testing technology, and wheel and suspension system simulation live impact testing technology, and has won provincial and municipal scientific and technological progress awards multiple times.

dicastal has led the development of multiple national, industry, and customer standards, participated in the revision of international standards such as iso and sae, and obtained over 20 domestic and foreign invention patents.

dicastal has always maintained close communication, cooperation, and mutual recognition with internationally advanced its laboratories, tuv laboratories, iamt laboratories, sae associations, lbf research institutes, well-known universities both domestically and internationally.